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2022 Autumn And Winter 5 Popular Color Release You Pick Which One?

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With the rise of the national trend, young people's love for traditional culture is growing day by day, and traditional colors certainly can not be left behind. There are many records about traditional Chinese colors, scattered in ancient books. The ancient people named the colors from their observation of life, and the names are even more imaginative and poetic; in recent years, these traditional colors have returned to people's lives and become the new fashion choice, which is the pursuit of designers nowadays.

Chinese traditional colors, a Chinese way of looking at the world, behind the traditional colors lies the aesthetic sensibility of the Chinese people and the philosophical wisdom of the ancient East. The following is a guide to explore the chic beauty of five key colors full of ancient charm, which are predicted to shine and create a different kind of charm in the fall/winter 2022.

red dress


The City of Double Olympics Cultural Heritage

American color agency PANTONE color based on data and aesthetics around the world, according to the domestic color consumption trend changes, extracted from the essence of traditional Chinese culture and released the 2021 annual representative popular color - to the lychee red. Give Li red, also known as "give power red", from the color tone, give Li red is a kind of red similar to the lychee shell, bright but not harsh, saturated but not dull, emotionally subtle and calm, but hidden passion, but also draw on the essence of traditional culture, very ancient charm.

In the famous paintings of the Tang Dynasty, "Give Lychee Red" could be the brightness on the clothes of the Western ambassadors or the color of the maple leaves in the mountains. Mr. Song, director of the Color Research Institute of the China Academy of Art and vice president of the China Popular Color Association, said: "Give Li red is now fashionable and more in line with the aspirations of young people, so we choose it as a future fashion trend.

The oriental color is alive, giving Li-red has a color background of hope, and good wishes for the nation; in fall/winter 2022 will continue its color trend, with red as the precious, especially in major holiday ceremonies, pushing red to the extreme; we expect its influence will expand to various fashion categories, creating a unisex full-body look, mostly applied to seasonal print pattern design.



Green mountains and green water, rhyming together

Between cyan and green, pine green, the green of pine leaves, is a deep and exuberant color, its presence makes the whole color understated and soaring, and decorating the interior with it can create a vintage understated feeling.

Pine and cypress green, a retro color that has emerged in the casual wear market, is expected to further expand its appeal in autumn and winter 2022. It can be used in sportswear, menswear and accessories, as well as with classic colors such as navy blue, white, and gray. For use with.



quiet and solemn, firm and steady

The wood sandalwood brown, which is derived from the natural autumn tone, continues its classic comfort and pragmatism. The deep and full brown tone reveals the nostalgic feelings of the nation - wood sandalwood brown.

The Autumn/Winter 2022 Wood Sandalwood Brown shows the comfort and stability of the old days. It is a premium neutral color that is suitable for many categories and is highly soluble and compatible with other colors, bringing more pure and simple texture to autumn and winter.



Profound, noble, oriental

The saturated blue hue of lapis lazuli is deeply associated with both ancient and modern times, with the long history of ceramics, paintings and fabrics, and is thus respected and favored by a younger generation that is open to improving cultural traditions - lapis lazuli.

With the return of workwear, lapis lazuli is a common color for men's collections; the main blue tones for fall/winter 2022 are closer to pure natural indigo overall. Echoing the natural dye and outdoor theme, it can also be integrated into futuristic modern style. The color palette is applied to casual, street and sportswear, appealing to young consumers through innovative patterns and color blocks.



Embrace the sunshine and bloom in spring

Since ancient times, yellow has been a symbol of power as well as nobility and an important commercial color for the nation. Today's demand for positive color enhances the importance of yellow for Fall/Winter 2022; it is a warm tone with a nutritious and nourishing texture and is a key focus for millennial consumers - Supreme Yellow.

Supreme Yellow is suitable for a wide range of product lines in the apparel category, and can be applied to party wear, sportswear, children's wear and other products. It can be used as a single color or as a simple solid color. Supreme Yellow has a glossy texture that is visually appealing.

Color is the most emotional factor in the visual arts, with the effect of awakening visual attention and emotional resonance in an instant. Nowadays, the combination of product and culture marketing is no longer confined to a specific form of expression, but has already begun to extend to all aspects of life. When more and more people recognize the beauty and preciousness of the ancient colors of the East, traditional colors full of ancient charm are also becoming popular.

Which of these five popular colors do you like? (Multiple choice)

Give lychee red

Pine green

Wood sandalwood brown

Green and gold blue

Supreme Yellow

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