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2022 Fashion Colors Are Here! Huge Beauty Shows White! A Must See For Fashionistas!

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2022 Fashion Colors Are Here! A Must See For Fashionistas!

It's been a long time since we talked about color. 

Has everyone seen PANTONE's colors of the Year 2022? 

This is it

Changchun blue (Very Peri)

It is said that this color is a popular color created by PANTONE for 2022.

 It is extracted from the flower plant Vinca (Vinca Minor) - A blue-purple 

flower with a faint gradient that visually amps up healing and romance.

Although there is a "blue" in the name, the periwinkle blue is more

 inclined to the purple tone visually. In short, the blue is purple and 

the purple is blue, which is like a dream.

Very Peri can be artistic or gorgeous, fresh or retro.

It is also very reminiscent of Monet's paintings, with gray tones and 

light blue-purple. Hazy, mysterious, poetic.

And this color is not too picky on the skin, a bit like the purple in the makeup palette,

 and it also has a brightening effect on dark yellow skin. Take advantage of this

 opportunity, and quickly put on this white and romantic color.

Periwinkle blue so choose!

Periwinkle blue sweater is white and warm, salty and sweet. 

When others are still "difficult" in the winter, wearing periwinkle blue, 

you have already welcomed the vibrant spring in advance!

Wearing a suit is even better. Think about wearing such a suit to go out

 on the street, but who doesn't love the cool little sister?

A hat, a bag, a pair of shoes, a warm scarf... are all careful machines 

that can enhance your fashion.

Periwinkle Blue + Black

The combination of periwinkle blue and black is hard to go wrong,

 because black can reduce the bloatedness of purple, and the two colors are one,

 giving people a sassy and beautiful feeling.

Periwinkle blue + gray

Periwinkle blue and gray are also a harmonious pair, 

especially the gray-toned purple with lower saturation. 

The whole color scheme is very Morandi, elegant and artistic.

Periwinkle Blue + Khaki

Through the integration of khaki tones, the mystery of periwinkle blue is weakened, 

and the clothing adds a bit of classic and retro temperament

Periwinkle blue + white

Periwinkle blue + white has the most spring and summer feeling. It can be matched up and down or inside and out. White reduces the dull effect that purple may bring, and it is fresh and reduces age by 100 points.

Periwinkle Blue + Periwinkle Blue

Match different purples together. The first is to wear the same suit, which is simple and easy to learn, and the upper body has a sense of luxury.

Periwinkle blue + purple

The periwinkle blue with its own filter shows a charming and gorgeous temperament through the stacking of shades of purple.

Periwinkle blue + blue

Blue is also the same color of periwinkle blue, especially when encountering the light blue of tannin, periwinkle blue becomes more hearty and easy to wear.

Periwinkle blue + yellow

The blue and purple periwinkle blue and yellow are contrasting colors, one cold and one warm. It will be more healing and comfortable.

Periwinkle Blue

(Very Peri) Although it looks unpopular, I found that there are still many color schemes that can be used for reference.

As a new color system, it represents an unprecedented change in life. We should not stand still, but should adjust the existing ideas and concepts and embrace all possibilities.

To you and me who are eager to break through~

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