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Kanina Yu

 Title: General Manager
 Year of working in Auschalink: 14 years 
 Life motto: Live beautifully, dream passionately, love completely.
 Working motto: Passion never goes out of fashion.

Michael Wang

 Titles: senior Merchandiser  
 Year of working in Auschalink: 2 years
 Life motto: Please give me a chance, give us both a chance to make us become better together
 Working motto: Pain not always gain; no pain surely no gain.

Ashley Huang

 Titles: senior Merchandiser  
 Year of working: 5years
 Life motto: Want to become a butterfly chrysalis will break the cocoon, want to rebirth of the phoenix will nirvana.
 Working motto: If you want to take credit, first learn to take responsibility.

Andy Wang

 Title: Sales Manager
 Year of working in Auschalink: 2 years
 Life motto: The weather will be clean up after the worst storm.
 Working motto: Nothing is impossible if you put your whole heart.

Jenny Yu

 Title: Design Manager
 Year of working in Auschalink: 12 years
 Life motto: Instead of worrying about the future, seize the day!
 Work motto: hard working and carefully thinking make success happen!

Linda Wang

 Title: Purchasing manager
 Year of working in Auschalink:  10 years
 Life motto: People who don't plan for future, will have to face continue problems soon.  
 Work motto: We should strive for the lowest price for the customer.

Virendra Kumar

 Title: Lab and QA Manager
 Year of working in Auschalink: 3 years
 Life motto: Success is not final, failure is not fatal, It is the courage to continue that counts.
 Working resume: It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome, that’s what defines your career.

Emily Huang

 Title: Chief Financial Officer
 Year of working in Auschalink: 12 years
 Life motto: Honest is soul of life,the base of all the values.
 Working motto: Be practical and realistic, do best for jobs.

Yang Yang

 Title: Technical Director
 Year of working in Auschalink:  10 years
 Life motto: Modesty helps one to make progress. Conceit makes one lag behind.
 Work motto: Find ways to success, no excuse for lose.

Justin Yang

 Title: Production Director
 Year of working in Auschalink: 10 years
 Life motto: gather goodness, always think about benifit for others
 Work motto: passion at working, new methods creating, working harder than others

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