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Custom women's wear, we are professional

LINK WITH AUSCHALINK We provide new and old customers with fashionable style and high quality products. Intelligent production is the ultimate goal of the enterprise in order to provide a long-term,stable and win-win commercial model. Customer's recognition on the product represents the support and affirmation to Auschalink.

1. Provide Famous Brand Fabrics:

We study the newly clothing on the market every year. We use the same fabrics as the big brands to produce our clothing. Our patterns and fabrics can provide the best protection for your brand. The quality is the same as the big brands, and it is cheaper than the big brands.

2. Small Batch Production

We have our own production workshop and provide small batch production services. If you don’t like our styles, then you only need to provide your design and size table, we can make samples for you and produce them in small batches.

3. Packaging Service:

We not only change labels and make tags for you, but we also provide packaging services for you. We customize exquisite packaging for each of your clothes. When you receive the goods, you will directly enter the warehouse without re-packing and shipping directly. That’s it.

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New fashion brand? Auschalink is here to be your first and last stop for all clothing needs.

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Our Leaders— 
Kanina Yu
+86 135-3258-2458


Our Leaders— 
Kanina Yu


Our Leaders— 
Kanina Yu
+86 135-3258-2458
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