Haute Couture Clothes Custom Process

AUSCHALINK is a new gentry custom wardrobe that integrates pragmatic style, noble quality, and fashionable style for contemporary women on the century-old traditional dress rules.  It adopts the top technology of custom inside -- full wool lining, committed to taking a place in the senior gentleman's wardrobe for women, conveying the warmth and love of handmade customization.

Customized Clothing Process

01.Consultation Appointment

To protect the privacy of guests and provide better service, AUSCHALINK uses the reservation system to receive guests and treats each guest with care. You can simply tell us your customized needs in advance, such as your favorite style, wearing occasion, and so on so that we can recommend and select the right style for you more quickly and accurately.

● According to your customized requirements, we will recommend some samples for you to try on.

● After trying on the samples, you can experience the workmanship, fabric, pattern, and so on. You can communicate with the designer if you have any ideas.

● The designer will communicate with the customer throughout the process, give advice, and will make matching for you.

02.Determining Fabrics

AUSCHALINK fabrics are mostly imported natural fiber fabrics because the fabric composition is more real, safe, positive color, and stable quality. And imported fabrics will have a lot of innovative fabrics, making your custom clothing more special.

Fabric color, count, gram weight, texture, and so on, the designer will also give corresponding suggestions, according to your budget and preferences.

03.Personalized Service

● Embroidery
● Different from machine embroidery
● Use hand-made French embroidery to leave your mark
● Custom button
● Some styles of buttons can be personalized lettering
● Another 24k gold buttons, crystal buttons, and other personalized options

04.Measuring, Tailoring

● Determine the style and fabric, you can begin to measure the body.
● In addition, when measuring the body, pay attention to natural relaxation to reduce error oh!

05.Fitting Process

The first fitting
The main test size, length, loose degree, shoulder length, sleeve body, and so on

And how well they handle a particular body type
The designer and printer will correct the error

The second fitting
Use real fabric to make semi-finished fitting, to adjust the Angle of the hand on the sleeve

And do the last 0.2-0.8cm of detail adjustment

05.Delivery of garments

The process of customization is relatively long, but customer satisfaction is our motivation.
Customization is a way of life, a reverence for handmade, but also a yearning for diffuse life.

In terms of quality, we pursue perfection
The fabrics are made of imported haute couture fabrics
The top line uses the all-wool lining process
We value comfort and high quality in the model

We hope to bring you
It's hand-made warmth
It's about being physically attractive,
More reflect your connotation and taste.

Post time: Dec-22-2022