Luxury Handmade Diamond Suspender Dress Coat

Luxury Handmade Diamond Suspender Dress Coat

Temperament goddess to arrange their own stylish small fragrance coat, the charm of this kind of clothing is better than imagined, the pursuit of fashion in your wardrobe? If you don’t know what to wear this autumn and winter, you can look at the small fragrance style coat and try different combinations of this single item to reflect your beauty.

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1.Send us your own designs Specification: Original samples, pictures(or tech pack in Al or PDF files)

2.We design as per pictures/original samples & give proffesional suggestions for fabric&style,

our factory next to fabric market.

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Customize garment technology:

3. Take photo for checking overall, Ship out,

Check in person, Confirm and move on production.


What kind of body type does a small spice coat fit

What kind of body type is the "little spice coat" that's been so popular this fall? In fact, whether fat, or thin, can be harnessed, the key is to combine their actual figure situation to start.

The upper body fat figure: for the upper body fat woman, if you want to wear a small fragrance coat, then it is suggested that you can start with the silhouette version. This version of the style has excellent modification and cover effect for the slightly fat body. Inclusiveness is relatively good, at least it can let you wear the slimming effect!

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On the small fragrance coat matching skills

Skills (1) Pay attention to the combination of tightness

When choosing a blazer to wear, it's important to put a little more thought into it so that your temperament is more prominent. Among them, pay attention to the combination of elastic is very key, if the choice of the version of some loose, then the inner match can try to choose a little slimming. Knitwear as a base, will be very suitable ~

For petite girls, Xiao Xiang Feng will not look particularly bloated, but can show themselves perfectly. Wear a pair of high-waisted denim straight pants, short at the top and long at the bottom, and easily create a nine-headed body!

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